Make do and mend

Came across a great blog today My Make Do and Mend Year, written by Jen, a crafter and mother of 2 small boys, living in the South West, aiming to avoid buying new ‘stuff’ for 12 months.

What a fabulous idea. It means that when you want stuff, you have to make it yourself, repair it or go searching for second hand, recycled, vintage etc etc. I know exactly what she means when she comments that her children want stuff when confronted with shelves of the stuff in shops. Ours do too.

Though on the farm we do have a general policy of trying to re-use materials. The pens we’re building have used guttering, doors, gates and railings that were already on the farm. The desire for stuff is funny.

When we lived overseas there were few shops and strangely enough, when it isn’t there, you don’t really want it or even miss it. But once home again we returned to the default position of being avid consumers again. So taking steps to rein in that drive must be applauded.

I love challenges like this. Whether she succeeds or fails (and I strongly suspect she’ll succeed), the whole process of putting it out there and writing about her journey will change her life and the lives of her readers and followers.

The daily news about climate change, GMs and the government’s pitiful attempts to see the big picture can get pretty depressing. So I love it when I find stories of people doing inspiring things.

That’s what counts in the end isn’t it. You set out on a journey, not really knowing where it will take you. If that journey comes from an authentic desire, then it gathers its own momentum.

In 1996 when we set up our organic box scheme in Wiltshire, we had no idea what would come of it. So many amazing people crossed our path during that time.  I remember vividly doing the last veg round. I had tears streaming down my face and a fistful of letters and cards from customers wishing us well for our new life in Wales.

I thought we just grew veg, but in those letters (which we still have), I discovered that we’d become part of people’s lives and that our little veg box scheme mattered to people.

On this damp and gloomy January afternoon, post flu, I was in need of a little pick me up. So thankyou Jen for inspiring me and thankyou to those box scheme customers around Bath and North Wiltshire.


2 thoughts on “Make do and mend

  1. Jen

    Wow, I am blown away by your kind words. Thankyou so much. You really are living the dream, inspiring stuff. Maybe one day I can come and visit?!


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